Austin Limo Service: Understanding Rates and How They Actually Benefit You

Limousines and party buses have tremendous appeal.  A chauffeured escapade with your friends, in essentially a VIP lounge on wheels, what’s not to love?
Well, conceivably, the price.
Being a limo service in Austin, TX, we occasionally experience this concern. We want to share some honest insight as to how we come up with our rates, and why superior transportation comes at such a premium—there are 3 primary factors.


We’re not talking about your friend’s second cousin’s rolling disco school bus, fully equipped with last week’s Whatabuger and industry standard duct-tape seats.

We’ve taken the responsibility to provide pristine, immaculately cared for vehicles, guaranteed to be up-to-date on all maintenance. Fresh off the lot, we source from reputable manufacturers, such as Grech Motors. Each vehicle in our fleet is outfitted with top-of-the-line fixtures and upholstery, and they’re equipped with the most relevant and practical technology available.

On average, each bus in our fleet costs $2,200/month in payments and depreciation.


We take driving seriously. You can trust that our extraordinary chauffeurs will get you to your destination safely. Commercially licensed, background checked, formally dressed and socially intelligent drivers are NOT comparable to a car-for-hire (sorry, Uber). Therefore, we pay them what they’re worth.

Our valued, full-time employees are paid $20/hour (before your gracious tip).


This is undoubtedly the largest expense of any limo/party bus operator. You know what it costs to insure your own vehicle—can you imagine what a bus filled with 25 dancing passengers amounts to? A lot, yes, but we understand the necessity.

Each year we spend $30,000 on coverage.

City Requirements

State Requirements

So, there it is. We hope this short post helps you to find the value in going with a service such as ours. When you hire us for your birthday, wine tour, wedding, anniversary, corporate outing or prom—we have what it takes to exceed your expectations!