Field trips are an essential part of school life that students, teachers, and chaperons look forward to. Whether it’s a football game, band competition, spring picnic, or the annual prom, a reliable and economical method of transportation is inevitable to safely transport attendants.

Keep Krystal Luxuries in mind when choosing a charter bus for school events in Austin or around Texas Hill Country.

Class Field Trip Shuttles in A New Way

The old-school image of yellow bus may be fading, but for schools, the bus charter still stands as a common class field trip option. Charter buses have a large enough capacity to minimize the amount of buses needed for a given trip, number of round trips too. Our Van Hools, 56 passenger, bus is perfect to haul all the necessary equipment for bands or sport teams. Save time, energy, and go easy on the school budget with Krystal Luxuries.

Van Hools – 56 Passenger

Reserve a charter bus for the next school trip today with Krystal Luxuries! Book for:

  • Prom
  • Band Competitions
  • Football Games
  • Class Trips
  • U.I.L. Meets
  • University Tours


We also offer shuttles and vans suitable for any extracurricular trip that involve smaller groups of people – check out our Ford F650 Bus and Mercedes Sprinter Van.

Reliable, Professional, and Safe Prom Night Charter Bus

Taking advantage of professional charter bus services in Austin increases transportation safety. Statistics show that it’s 50% safer for students to come in school buses rather than drive or ride with friends. Not only are buses, vans, and shuttles build to avoid injuries, but our drivers are required to have certification to operate large vehicles safely and efficiently. Make prom night safer with responsible transportation.

Weekday & Weekend School Trips Around Austin with Krystal

Charter buses are the surest way to save time, money, and guarantee passenger safety among students and chaperons. Krystal Luxuries offers safe transportation options for school events in Austin and around Central Texas. Band competitions, proms, sport team events, and other class field trips will be easier to manage when you book a charter bus or a shuttle today.